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Graphics by krwlngwthyou

tv, movies, music, politics, sports, etc

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Amy. 21. Female. Wisconsin, United States. Public relations major, psychology minor.

This is the graphic community for krwlngwthyou. You can credit either krwlngwthyou or silencenight, it doesn't matter to me. If you leave me comments, I squee inside (no, seriously, I do.) And please don't hotlink, but we're all adults here, right?

If you like any of the graphics, feel free to join or watch the community to stay updated. All posts will be public.

Barack Obama, Baseball, Brett Favre, Bruce Springsteen, Democrats, Daniel Craig, Dr. Drew, Duke Blue Devils, Football, Green Bay Packers, Grey's Anatomy, Hugh Grant,Julian McMahon, Kevin Costner, Law & Order: SVU, March Madness, Milwaukee Brewers, Nip/Tuck, Patrick Dempsey, Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, United States, Will Ferrell, Wisconsin.
I adore aftershake and her graphics

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