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So, my bestie for life, aftershake and I have made a new graphics comm, feelgood_icons. So go and join! I'll be posting my stuff there from now on. aftershake used to post over at killing_truth and her stuff is amazinggggg. (seriously, I squeed aloud when she asked me to join a comm with her. If you don't believe me, you can ask her about my reaction on fbook. LOL)

::Join feelgood_icons!::

I figure I'll be making posts public for a week, then locking them to members only, so join the comm if you wish to stay updated. The reason for doing so is not to force you to join, but to stop hotlinking (and prevent random trolls from stealing icons).

Everything I posted here will remain public and remain here.

we cannot let this moment pass us by

In preparation for tonight, I made a few quick icons.

We cannot let this historical moment pass us by. As Chris Matthews said tonight, the US is the first major nation, not England or Australia or Canada or France or anywhere in this world but here in the US, that we have an African American who is in a serious position to become this nation's president and one of the world's most powerful people. This cannot be overlooked.

As a 20 year old white voter, I don't think I can even begin to grasp the full magnitude of this moment, but I'm trying. This quote made me cry:

"As an African American woman, I cannot describe in all the words of every language what this moment means to me."

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+9 Barack Obama 2118 icons under the cut.

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